View Full Version : where to find the piece the cable release threads into??

Dave Aharonian
9-Nov-2011, 22:58
I just bought a Sironar N 150mm lens off a friend and the little piece that the cable release threads into on the lens is stripped. Does anybody have an idea where I can find this little part? I've looked at my other lenses and they all seem to use exactly the same piece.

Thanks for any info!


John Kasaian
9-Nov-2011, 23:15
Carol Miller?

10-Nov-2011, 00:06
Two of the university's 180mm lenses (Copal #1) are missing all or part of their PC connectors (where one plugs in the sync cord). Students tend to rip them out or break them off; by such things as having the sync cord get caught on something as the tripod is getting raised, or just big feet moving around!

Last I checked with Carol (the lens repair person in Whittier, CA, correct?) she did not have any of the connectors and she gave me an address that I lost soon after...but this has been many years ago. All this just to say that if she does not have your part, she'll probably know where to find one...and if anyone has one or more of the PC connectors, let me know!


PS and a little off-topic -- We have eight or so 4x5's we loan to our students...our secret of preserving the cable release sockets on the shutters is not giving the students sturdy cable releases with the cameras. In theory, the cable release should come apart with less force than it would take to ruin the socket and threads. In practice, so far so good; no stripped or broken off cable release sockets in the past couple of decades, but a lot of broken and lost releases! And an excuse not to buy the most expensive releases for the students...;)

10-Nov-2011, 00:15
B&H lists both the cable release sockets and the replacement PC connectors.

- Leigh

10-Nov-2011, 00:42
cool! Thanks!

Dave Aharonian
10-Nov-2011, 09:46
Thanks!! I'll see if I can track it down from B&H.


Robert Oliver
10-Nov-2011, 09:51
only $40.....

Dave Aharonian
10-Nov-2011, 19:19
Make that ONLY (!!!) $40. WTF? Oh well, I guess I'm kinda hooped on this one....

11-Nov-2011, 23:35
$40, I'll buy a cheap cable release and use crazy glue stick on it. Hope never fall apart.