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Ron Bose
29-Sep-2003, 11:12
Was anyone watching Law & Order - Criminal Intent last night ?

In the opening scene, our hapless victim is shooting his 35mm no-name SLR at buildings and street scenes. Then he happens to look over and sees a 'big-time' architect shooting the same scenes with a Sinar (I think) on some beautiful Ries legs ... and not a dark cloth to be seen.

The funny thing is later in the show they were comparing the shots both architect/photographers had shot, both were 5x7" prints !!

So, has anyone seen LF being used on the big or small screen that makes you laugh ? Remember the Tahoe commercial with the 8x10 photographer ...

29-Sep-2003, 12:00

I know that there have been numerous TV shows, commercials and films featuring Graphics, my particular interest. There has been a discussion of these on the Graflex.Org board here:



Andrew O'Neill
29-Sep-2003, 12:07
Yep! Just saw a TV commercial where a woman was in her studio and pretending to focus the lens on her view camera like it was a SLR lens. Of course only us LFers would pick that out.

Ken Cravillion
29-Sep-2003, 14:18
Wasn't there a Subaru commercial with a 4x5? I seem to remember him taking shots tho you could see thru the GG...

Matt Miller
29-Sep-2003, 14:37
I watched "Road to Perdition" last weekend. There was a photographer that shot dead bodies. A couple of times they showed the ground glass as he popped open the viewing hood. The image was very bright and upside down & backwards. I was expecting to see a right side up image.

Terence McDonagh
29-Sep-2003, 14:50
While we're on (off?) the subject, can anyone tell me what the LF camera was that Edwinna used to photograph Hi's mug shot in Raising Arizona? It appears to be a wood-finished (interior anyway) 5x7 Graflex, but I'm pretty sure such a thing doesn't exist. Too big for 4x5, too small for 8x10, I think. Doesn't look like a Deardorff, as it's appears to be a press-type camera, not a field camera.

Ron Gratz
29-Sep-2003, 15:26
My favorite is an oldie from the original SUPERMAN TV show. Jimmy Olson took a picture with his trusty speed graphic and Superman "developed" the negative inside the film holder using his X-ray vision! Dont ask how he fixed it!

Ron Bose
29-Sep-2003, 15:32
Terence, I thought it was an 8x10 Field Camera and to boot I thought it was a 'dorff ...

I remember when I saw those scenes I thought "woaa ... big camera".

James Driscoll
29-Sep-2003, 16:33
I saw "Pollack" (I think thats how you spell it!!!) and they show what I think is m. bourke white shooting in the studio with an 8x10 Deardorff.

She puts her head under the dark cloth when she takes the picture!!!

Little things that drive us nuts....but nobody else notices!!!

Mike Troxell
29-Sep-2003, 22:56
Wait a minute! You mean I'm not supposed to put my head under the darkcloth as I take the picture? I knew I was doing something wrong all these years :)