View Full Version : Reflex Camera Co. - Newark NJ

8-Nov-2011, 06:48
Anyone know anything about these? Maybe have a link to a catalog?


Jim Jones
8-Nov-2011, 07:11
The company was founded in Yonkers in about 1897, and in 1909 acquired the Borsum Camera Company and moved to Newark. They may have lasted only a few more years. The 2005-2006 McKeown's Cameras lists a few models at a few hundred dollars.

9-Nov-2011, 06:26
I have an older copy and it said about the same. Their pricing might be right for a museum quality camera. In my copy one of the models had a top of range price of $800.

I have a Newark vintage camera on it's way to me. Not sure of size but it might be the 5x7. Hoping to find a manual or catalog of quality similar to graflex but I'm not optimistic.

17-Apr-2015, 07:16
Bring this thread back to life

because I just picked one (a camera) up last night from a friend (who goes to estate sales)

I got the camera with a slightly cloudy 8.25" Celor... the aperture blade were toast, so I removed them

... and about 8 two sided plate holders that have film inserts in them

- now..this is one huge camera..it's 5x7, and it has a cloth focal plane shutter in the rear that fires... and here is the cool part - instead of the slits like the graphlexes have...it has a full frame opening..so.. I'm betting it can be flash synched

I'm just not sure how the different shutter speeds are set

anyone use one of these beasts?

Tim Deming
20-Apr-2015, 19:15
Are you sure the focal plane shutter doesnt have a variable width opening to control shutter speed? That was pretty common on many big FPS cameras.

Some pics of the shutter setting knobs would help in sorting how it works



28-Apr-2015, 12:43
it may..in fact I'm sure it does as there is a chart of shutter speeds on the back


the way it is now..probably all jammed up from age ..is it works perfectly at about 1/20 or so.. and it has a point where the whole back is open..before closing again

so even if it could..it works just as I want it to as is

I also heard that the home portrait graphic has a similar setting