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Bruce E. Rathbun
27-Sep-2003, 18:54
Has anyone tried the new 11"x14" P model from Wisner yet? I am looking to buy either the older 11"x14" design or the new P model. My concern is stability of the camera when the bellows are extended. I do own both a 5"x7" and 8"x10". Both of these traditional models are solid for my purposes when extended at 75% or longer of the bellows length. I would trade the weight for stability as most of the shots I take with extended bellows. Any thoughts?

Bruce E. Rathbun

27-Sep-2003, 19:30

My Wisner 11x14 is not a "P" model, but is very similar. (It's not the "Traditional", either.) My bellows extension is 36" and as yet I've not used the camera at full extension, at least for making photographs. When I have racked it all the way out, though, it does seem reasonably sturdy.

Keep in mind that a field camera at full extension is working in probably its most disadvantageous configuration. Certainly it taxes the bed and extensions the most. It also "unfurls" the bellows to its fullest cross section to catch whatever wind is present. Also keep in mind that the bigger cameras get, the more rickety they become. It's a fact of nature if you're to keep weight down to a reasonable level. Bigger cameras also have bigger bellows and consequently catch more wind. What may be satisfactory in a 4x5 camera or even an 8x10 may prove unsatisfactory to your standards in a larger camera.

The foregoing notwithstanding (and in spite of its undersized 5 1/4" lens boards), I am very happy with my Wisner 11x14.


27-Sep-2003, 21:16
I own a 12x20 P Wisner and think it is a excellent camera. The one I have is the prototype. I would not hesitate to buy the 11x14 if I needed it. Why not buy a 12x20 P with an 11x14 reducing back so you have 2 formats in one? You can also have RW make one with bigger lensboards if you wish. Good luck!

Bruce E. Rathbun
27-Sep-2003, 21:41
Emile- I did see the images of your 12x20 on the web site. It does look nice and you do seem happy. I thought about the 12x20 idea with the reducing back but I also own a Wisner 7x17 and love that format. Thanks for the response. By the way. Have you photographed with you new camera yet? I would love to see a few images.

28-Sep-2003, 13:54
Hi Bruce, Yes I have taken a bunch of shots with it and I am amazed with the results with a 450mm Nikon. That lens seems to be perfect with the Wisner 12x20. I love this setup.The camera is getting some modifications done as of the moment but will be back in a week or two.I'm having rear gearing put on and some bellows tabs too(a necessity). I'm thinking of buying an 11x14 back for it eventually and for just $600.00 more...two formats. Sometimes I think it might be a better idea to cut the 12x20 neg and save the money on the back. And make a 6x20 half dark slide for 4 shots per holder.So...This is a great camera! Unfortunately my scanner is broken so...oh well...

John Z.
5-Dec-2004, 08:22
I have the 11x14 P made by Wisner and I also recommend it; it is an excellent camera. It is very sturdy; much moreso than the previous two cameras I owned. Many of the details of the camera are 'overbuilt', which means they are made doubly strong or thick in comparison to older or some newer camera I have seen. The nice thing about the 'P' model is that it is much lighter than previous models made by Wisner.
One brief question to the previous post above; does the Nikon 450 lens cover 11x14? I was not aware it was listed for ULF coverage.

John Z.
5-Dec-2004, 10:43
In all fairness I would have to respond that I have not heard of or seen any problems with his newer 'P' (Prototype) line of cameras. I could not comment on previous versions. Many of these cameras have their pros and cons, but this camera is solid, if nothing more.
Older cameras like my old 11x14 Rochester universal were very rickety, and not very functional or stable, in my experience.

5-Dec-2004, 20:27
The 450mm Nikon f9 will cover 20x24 stopped down. Emile. www.deleon-ulf.com