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6-Nov-2011, 15:09
HI all,
does anyone can help me to recognize which model this camera it is?
I think the leatherette is not original but seems a Technika IV or V?
Thanks, I'm interested in...


Darin Boville
6-Nov-2011, 17:01
Looks like a IV to me--I don't see any arm to raise the front standard. Then again, the photographs don't make it clear...


Frank Petronio
6-Nov-2011, 17:09
It looks like a IV except the photo is so dark that we can't see the lever arm that the V would have if it is there.

The covering is the normal tan for that vintage camera.

I don't see a ground glass back either - a rather rare or expensive item for it to need.

Bob Salomon
6-Nov-2011, 18:04
Appears to be a IV but it is missing the 001615 Ground Glass Frame and the ground glass and the Folding Focusing Hood. If you get the serial number off the accessory shoe then I can tell you the model and the date on manufacture.

6-Nov-2011, 22:39
Thanks guys, already wrote to the seller for the serial number, I let you know.

10-Nov-2011, 11:56
Am I the only person confused as to why it's an Ebay Italy item with German description?

10-Nov-2011, 12:00
The item is being sold by a German person, but it was made available in other countries as well. This is why you see German text on the Italian eBay site. Not unusual here in Europe.

Here's the same item on eBay Germany:


Steven Tribe
10-Nov-2011, 12:36
There are people in Northern Italy who have a variety of German/Austrian as their mother tongue!