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Ken Lee
27-Sep-2003, 15:15
Does anyone know where to get a really long cable release that would allow me to trip my view camera shutter from say, 10 + feet away - so as to be included in a group portrait ?

I have seen old-fashioned bulb releases in the movies, when early 20th century photographers are depicted...Are these still used ?

John Cook
27-Sep-2003, 15:34
The best mechanism is still manufactured by Degroff. I have used one for years and strongly recommend their unit. You can get a longer hose at the hardware store or medical supply house. Here is the page on the B&H website:


A cheaper version is distributed by Kaiser. B&H has those also. A much thinner, vinyl hose is wound onto a plastic spool. Not quite the quality of Degroff.

27-Sep-2003, 15:36
hi ken

i have one of those kaiser bulb/hose thingamabobs. it works pretty well. i think the hose is 20 feet long.


Bob Salomon
27-Sep-2003, 15:44
Kaiser Air Releases are available in 16 and 32' lengths. The longer one can be shortened.

Guy Boily
27-Sep-2003, 18:25
Ken,I have a manual timer manufactured by KOPIL (Model II)that gives me 15 sec delay and it works just fine. Guy Boily

27-Sep-2003, 18:44
Those timers are really buzzy, like attaching your lens to a coffee grinder.

Bruce Watson
27-Sep-2003, 18:51
I'll add a vote for an air release. I got mine from Calumet. I think it is good for about 25' or so. It screws in just like a normal cable release. There is a very small lag between when you squeze the bulb and when the shutter fires, but a couple practice runs and you'll get the hang of it. It actually has a pretty solid feel.

mark blackman
28-Sep-2003, 02:46
When using the kaiser version, I find you need to completely unwind it from its spool. There is a definate lag between squeezing the bulb and the shutter firing - I find holding it my fist and giving it a good hard squeeze works best.

Ken Lee
28-Sep-2003, 06:06
Thank you all very much - great forum !

Ken Schroeder
28-Sep-2003, 08:00
Ken, the Degroff release is a very solid, well made product. The owner is also very accomodating, if you have special needs. I like mine.

Ted Harris
28-Sep-2003, 22:23

See my email ..... I have a timer you can borrow.

Andre Noble
30-Sep-2003, 10:05
I had two of those bulb releases and they don't last very long. They get sticky and don't work. Waste of Money