View Full Version : 24" Petzval?!

Scott --
5-Nov-2011, 12:09
Hi, all -

So, I picked up a l-o-n-g Petzval - a 24" f/11 Beseler. No iris, no slots for stops. I'm left wondering what a lens like this was originally used for? Did they make Magic Lanterns that used a 24" lens? Would like to see that one...


5-Nov-2011, 12:22
Beseler made some large Stereopticons (and ML's).... probably used in that capacity..


Steven Tribe
5-Nov-2011, 14:45
In the good old days, every large lecture room at every University, everywhere, had a huge projection device (non-stealable) for large dias and the episcope function. They disappeared when OH projectors came in the early 60's.