View Full Version : Adding straps to a Graflex SLR?

Frank Petronio
5-Nov-2011, 10:06
Any cautions and/or advice? I don't want to hang it around my neck but it would be useful for carrying over a shoulder and preventing dropping it.

5-Nov-2011, 10:18
Advise: make an appointment with you chiropractor first.

5-Nov-2011, 14:42
Look at a Speed Graphic. See the top "bracket" the handle goes through? Thats what I use when I wear my 4x5 Auto Graflex. I found the balance point with a couple of push pins and used a 6-32 Blind nut and two of those brackets. I have a Lambs wool
seat belt cover on it to prevent scaring. It is not a plesant experience to carry one. More than once I was asked what type of oxygen machine it was. I tend to mount mine on a Crown #4 Tripod and put it on my shoulder. That way I can take out people in front and to the rear of me. SMASH "take that you photo moron with a digital camera"