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4-Nov-2011, 10:58
Does any one has any experiences with a Cooke 25" V.A. ? I'm trying to find out the coverage at infinity and also if it is any good for landscape photography.I know it isn't coated .Any info will be helpful .

Steven Tribe
4-Nov-2011, 13:26
This is the first "process" lens marketed by TT & H and was sold for general photographic use as well as for dedicated process use. So I don't think there is any problem about infinite focussing. Is this the F16 version?

4-Nov-2011, 13:52
From CookeOptics

"The Cooke Series VA, f/10 and f/16, produced in the early 1920s, were made for recording very large, flat images such as maps that required a lens with no geometrical distortion. It was made in the following speeds and focal lengths: f/10, 25 inch for 16x20 format, f/16, 30 inch for 20x24, and f/16, 36 inch for 24x30."


4-Nov-2011, 16:04
Hi guys !
I believe that this is the f/16 version .In the catalog they only list the coverage at 1:1 ratio and that is 16x20 .That's what i heard and i couldn't find more details in the catalog .I know for example that the Artar is a process with huge coverage even at infinity .Lets take the 16 1/2" Goerz Artar .At 1:1 it covers 16x20 ,at 1:10 it only covers 8x10.Based on that and references for other lenses we can assume that coverage will be less than that inscribed in the lens .So, this is why i'm trying to find out the coverage at infinity .