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Per Volquartz
26-Sep-2003, 19:23
Its a special edition. A P in black!

John Bailey
26-Sep-2003, 19:40
Was that not a special edition at the end of the P run just prior to introduction of the P2? Maybe Ellis has better information. I have seen one, but don't recall all that much about them.


John Bailey

Ling Z
27-Sep-2003, 00:18
In 1978, upon Sinar's 30th anniversary, Sinar specially manufactured 300 Sinar P cameras, and each of them has Carl Koch's signature on it. They virtually have no differences from regular P's. In year 2000, Sinar also specially made 33 Sinar P2 cameras, and I am quite lucky to own one of these 33 P2's. After comparing mine with a regular P2, I could not tell any differences either except that the front standard was reinforced.

R Miller
30-Sep-2003, 05:38
A number of years ago there was an article about the subject Sinar in Photo Technik International.

Although my collection of the magazines is still boxed from a recent move, I will attempt to locate the issue and provide the date of the issue in case you would want to attempt to obtain a copy. You find them listed fairly frequently on ebay.

R Miller
30-Sep-2003, 09:24
In the 1/86 issue there is an article about the then new p2 by Jost Marchesi. In it he makes reference to the black special edition p (and that he owned one).

In the 2/83 issue there is an article/test on the Sinar p System.

The listed articles were located after a hasty review of the licted Contents of issues from the 1980s and the late 1970s. Not sure whether my search was not diligent enough at this time or if I saw an article in another publication.