View Full Version : Any info on Gundlach lens

Tim Ward
26-Jan-1999, 19:54
I have a huge lens that is a Gundlach-Manhattan Radar Anastigmat f4.5 with addit ional markings of 6x8. Can anyone help me with specs? I assume it is for 8x10 or larger it is mounted in barrel with wollensak apeture. Any info would be wonder ful. Thanks

Erik Ryberg
27-Jan-1999, 00:32
It's most likely a 10" lens that just barely covers 8x10.

Michael Phifer
28-Jul-1999, 23:33
The Radar is a variation of a Tessar Design. It has a cemented triplet rear elem ent instead of a doublet. Gundlach-Manhattan Co, Rochester, NY, claimed a slight ly wider field of 62 degrees vs 60 for a Tessar.


Terry Dent
5-Mar-2000, 20:58
I have one of these lens. Is it truly a 10" lens?