View Full Version : Linhof Technika III 5x7 very tempting but I need your help!

3-Nov-2011, 10:33
Hi guys,
I was thinking in the past days to buy a Linhof Technika III with graflok back, I love it.
Also a Horseman FA is a very beautiful camera for what I need but they are really overpriced and difficoult to find.
I need to shoot handheld, definitely with a grip and a reflex viewer so the Technika III is very indicated for my work but...
a very kind member here offered me a Technika III 5x7 camera and now I'm thinking to buy it.
Never shoot with a 5x7 camera but my doubts are that will be very expensive to find the 4x5 reducing back.
So, as I want to shoot primarly 4x5 what do you think about?
Is it worth it or not?
Is it a bad idea?
BTW, how much would be the price for a reducing back in these days?
Thanks for your help guys.

Bob Salomon
3-Nov-2011, 11:05
Just be aware, a Technika III is an orphan, Linhof changed their cameras substantially starting with the IV and parts and accessories have not been made for a III in multiple decades and for a IV or V for a couple of decades. So it is much more difficult to find parts and accessories for the III. Plus a III is missing the most commonly used movement for a view camera, forward lens tilt. The front standard only tilts back (yes you can drop the bed to get some forward tilt but that limits camera positioning. With a IV and later Linhof added forward lens board tilts so you can work Scheimpflug much easier.

6-Nov-2011, 02:04
Listen to Bob; he knows about Linhof.
I'll add that buying a heavy 5x7 to shoot (handheld!) 4x5 is a bit of overkill.
I think your money is better spent on a comparatively lighter Tech IV with a grip and better range of movements.

Ole Tjugen
6-Nov-2011, 02:33
A Technika 5x7" is too heavy for handheld shooting. I know because I have done it!

(see small picture on the left )

6-Nov-2011, 05:34
While I currently have a Linhof Technika 5x7" for sale (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=82308), I really wouldn't recommend it for hand-held shooting, even less if you want to use a 4x5 reducing back. You should rather get a more modern 4x5 Technika or some other brand.

The 5x7" to 4x5" reducing adapter currently sells for roughly US$150 over here in Europe, but you still need a 4x5 back in addition to that, so you're talking at least another US$150.


6-Nov-2011, 05:37
Thanks guys, that's exactly what I was thinking. so found a tech III V5 here for my project.