View Full Version : Sealing opened film boxes for long term freezer storeage

John Kasaian
26-Sep-2003, 10:00
I'm just curious if anyone has used either "space bags" or those vacume sealer gadgets to reseal an open box of film or paper to protect against condensation while stored in the fridge or freezer. Any experiences?

Alan Davenport
26-Sep-2003, 11:11
I've used a vacuum sealer. It will try to crush the box if you let it go to its maximum vacuum, but they generally have a button to let you seal with partial vacuum. It takes a little practice to get it just right because there is a delay of a couple seconds from when you push the button until it stops sucking air out of the bag. Works OK though.

Al Seyle
27-Sep-2003, 11:59
Poor guy's method- 1. Place film box in Zip-Lock bag 2. Put thin straw into one end if opening 3. Zip bag top tight up to straw and hold 4. Suck on staw until bag collapses tightly 5. Simultaneously quickly withdraw straw and complete seal.

The bigger sucker you are, the better it works...

Scott Walton
29-Sep-2003, 06:32
If you don't have a vacume sealer, zip lock bags and a pack of dessicant works fine...