View Full Version : DIY Toyo Field lensboards

3-Nov-2011, 05:28
Toyo lensboards have a ridge around the back that presumably helps with light-tightness and locating the board neatly in the front standard... has anyone tried making their own boards from sheets of aluminium though?

I have a guillotine, could easily buy a small sheet of Al of the right thickness and chop it into a bunch of lensboards. Are they likely to be problematic without the ridge?

Jim Jones
3-Nov-2011, 05:37
A foam light seal might help.

Peter De Smidt
3-Nov-2011, 06:50
It might be a problem without the ridge. In addition, there's the machined ridge on the front for the locking slide and the bevel for inserting the board into the bottom of the standard. These are regularly available used for $20-30, and new for $30-40. Is it really worth making them?

3-Nov-2011, 08:26
I have one flat homemade type board for a Toyo - but don't really trust it and rarely use it.

A better bet might be to find a Toyo adapter board that takes 4" square boards or similar...then you can make the square boards to fit it...


3-Nov-2011, 10:52
+1 for foam. No reason why it won't work.

3-Nov-2011, 11:09
I use 3mm to 5mm Birch Plywood Sheet {for Model Planes} making lens boards & can Glue in the inside peace

Dave Hally
3-Nov-2011, 16:28
I've made one out of flat aluminum sheet, with felt on the back, and one out of the plastic end cap from a roll of Epson Paper for an extended lens board (for my 300M on the Toyo field), also with felt on the back. Both worked very well.
Dave Hally

Paul Bujak
4-Nov-2011, 08:31
What kind of foam do you use?

Jim Jones
4-Nov-2011, 08:40
What kind of foam do you use?

Hobby shops or fabric shops may have suitable foam or felt. Plywood as noted above, or black foam core, might do even better. I don't have a Toyo camera, so can't give detailed recommendations.