View Full Version : Kodak TXP Image Ident Mark

Annie M.
25-Sep-2003, 18:34
My question was languishing on another site so I will try here. From the Kodak web site... Re:320TXP in Sheets... they state 'Each sheet has a latent image identification mark "320TXP" and a notch code that is visible before and after processing.' Just curious how intrusive the text is for contact printing, on 11x14 sheets does the text appear once or does it appear at intervals around the entire film rebate. Also what is the best way to eliminate the '320TXP' text when contact printing.

PS..... For what it's worth...My latest lens hack! ....when the rear doublet is removed from the Junior Six-20 lens(comes in a nifty Art Deco No.0 Kodon self-cocking shutter with retaining ring) it covers 7x11 with movements, focuses at infinity at 10".... Produces a rather flat neg with J&C classic under usual processing but if you 'really agitate' during tray development you can get there. I shot the USAF target with it.... Don't know how to read the results but it was one 'group' off from my Grandagon....... Yes I have a 'real' wide angle lens on the way........(best kind... free loaner) Cheers A.

Tom Westbrook
26-Sep-2003, 04:09
I haven't found or used any 320TXP in sheets yet, but if the latent text is like that on the new TMX, then the text is very small, outside the image area (using Readyloads and Elite film holders), and roughly centered on the same edge as the notches. Since I think they are made in the same place, the markings are likely to be similar.