View Full Version : 3010 & C-41 4x5 - one-way rotation or bi-directional?

2-Nov-2011, 14:35
I am wondering about the potential development issues with color processing, namely C-41 sheet films in a Jobo 3010. Is is absolutely critical to have bi-directional rotation or does rotating the drum in one direction suffices? The goal is not ruining important negatives, but instead doing everything right. I read somewhere on the forum that some (all?) Expert drums were designed to not need two-way rotation. Somehow I am reluctant to test it myself and waste a few sheets.

2-Nov-2011, 14:52
One way is fine but i always do the first minute in both directions. Greg Blank ensured me that one way was okay and i've had no issues with e6, c41, or b+w.

3-Nov-2011, 08:14
My rotation switch died, so I've been a one way rotater for a while. No issues with C-41, E-6, or B&W.