View Full Version : Fatif Monorail

1-Nov-2011, 21:33
I'm looking to purchase a Fatif 4x5 monorail camera used -- does anybody know of a dealer or have one to sell? I have been looking on eBay for some years with no luck.

Frank Petronio
2-Nov-2011, 06:11
They are uncommon but if you find a complete set then they are finely made and quite usable, on the same level as a Sinar based on the 8x10 model I owned years ago. Their design is quite attractive. In practical use they do not offer any significant advantage over more popular monorail studio cameras like the Sinar or Cambo -- which have a ready supply of inexpensive parts available.

I do not know of any regular dealer, they do appear on eBay occasionally.

Bob Salomon
2-Nov-2011, 06:24
Pan Pacific Camera which was a camera store in LA several years ago did stock some before Pan Pacific went out of business. You might try contacting stores in the LA basin like Samy's, Bel Air, Silvios, Pro Camera, OCC to see if they have any. Phone calls would probably be best rather then browsing.

Bob Salomon
2-Nov-2011, 12:43
Why do you have two threads going for a Fatif? Why not have the mods consolidate it into one?