View Full Version : Instruction/User Manuel for a Linhof Kardan Master GTL 4x5

1-Nov-2011, 16:56
Does anyone have a PDF or know of a resource to download an instruction/user manuel for a fairly new Linhof Kardan Master GTL 4x5? I've searched everywhere, including the Linhof website with no luck. Appreciated!

Bob Salomon
1-Nov-2011, 17:15
There was only a 4 page leaflet that devoted one page to the AMS system on the rear standard (if you have the later model). Otherwise it only showed which each control basically did. And you should not need a book for that. You can call me if you need more specific info. 800 735-4373. 9 to 5 EST

2-Nov-2011, 13:53
Bob, thanks. That's good info.

19-Apr-2012, 13:53
Hello Bob,
I have a Linhof Kardan Master GTL and I don't understand how the AMS system can be used
can you send me a photo of the page of your manual
my english is not good enought to phone you
my adress malassan@free.fr
all the best from Paris

4-May-2012, 18:48
Hi Bob,
Could you kindly send me the manual? I have a Linhof Kardan GTL too and my email : drbcng@gmail.com
Thank you
BC from Singapore

Bob Salomon
5-May-2012, 04:38
Sorry guys,

I am currently traveling and not near the instruction sheet. I can get it to you when I return or maybe you can ask rulonpete if he can send it on to you. Otherwise I will be back in the office a week from this Monday.