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1-Nov-2011, 14:55
I am scanning some B&W 5X7" negatives from the early 1980s and am not able to identify one of the films. Does anyone know of a guide that will allow one to identify sheet films by the notches? I am almost certain it is an Ilford or Kodak B&W film since that is all I used back then. This one has three square notches.


Jim C.
1-Nov-2011, 16:28
There ought to be a sticky for this on this forum about old notch codes, I've encountered some
in my LF gear acquisitions and it's Googling till you find a site that has old docs that have
the notch codes.

Here's a recent thread I started when I got some 4x5 loaded holders -

Nathan Potter
1-Nov-2011, 18:20
Sandy, someone on this forum I think posted this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notch_code#Code_notches_and_ISO_speeds_for_Kodak_sheet_films

Seems this was around mid August 2011.

But I don't see any Kodak recent product with three square notches.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

1-Nov-2011, 18:26
I found this; it could be Ansco Isopan or Gevaert Panchromatic.

1-Nov-2011, 18:31
hi sandy

nicolai morrisson has a bunch of info on notch codes on his website ...


i've also attached a pdf of things i found a while ago

good luck !

1-Nov-2011, 18:40
...it could be Ansco Isopan.

“I have located some negatives from 1955. Three square notches – Ansco Safety Film,” Merg Ross says in this thread (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=33198
). “My guess would be Isopan. Hope this helps.”

1-Nov-2011, 20:15
Thanks for the suggestion that it might be an Ansco film. I found an old film box with the label of GAF Versapan, and the box shows the three square notches for the film code. From what I understand GAF was once Ansco?

The box does not show film speed. I am guessing it was ASA 100? I had totally forgot about buying and using this film. It must have been one of my first film purchases when I started to use the 5X7" format in the mid-1970s.


J. E. Brown
2-Nov-2011, 06:18
FWIW, I have a couple boxes of old (70's?) expired GAF pan film and they have two sizeable square notches. Wish I had the boxes with me to give more info.

Kind regards,