View Full Version : Sinar X movements

1-Nov-2011, 07:04
I am a newcomer in LF... I have a Sinar X. I have a question.
Do you know if the swing gear, really rotate the lens lens plane on the lens axes? I have seen that the rotation gear is off-center...


Jerry Flynn
1-Nov-2011, 13:13
The swings and tilts on the Sinar X, like the P, are asymmetrical. This is so that the swing/tilt calculators built into the camera design will work.

The axes are shown on the grond glass as dotted lines.

See if you can download an instruction sheet form the Sinar web site on the use of the swings and tilts on your camera. The process can make life easier.

2-Nov-2011, 01:31
Thanks, but so It is not really clear at all for me the principle behind the asymmetrical tilt and swing. (I supposed best is to rotate the lens on the axes) I am looking for some documentation.

2-Nov-2011, 03:12
Ok found the instruction and a tutorial. WOW now it is clear!! Sorry for the stupid question, I came from a symmetrical view camera.