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31-Oct-2011, 02:21
Hello !
I've been given a size 0 Seiko SLV shutter in kit form.
As far as I know, all parts are here. But without any documentation and dismantling knowledge it's a hard task putting all parts back in.
The shutter seems to have been dismantled by vibrations on the back of a motorcycle.
It came from a lens for a Horseman camera if this can help.
It would be great if someone has a repair manual or exploded parts view.
Many thanks in advance !

31-Oct-2011, 09:54
Seiko's aren't much different from other shutters. Take the front and rear lens elements off and then turn the knurled-looking ring on the front of the shutter with a spanner. That should allow you to take the front cover off. Proceed carefully though because I have found the Seiko have a pin on the top of timing gearset that breaks off very easily. And if it breaks the shutter is basically done- it will only fire on two speeds without the top pin.

31-Oct-2011, 14:16
Thank you Domaz, but my problem is the exact reverse. All parts are loose and I want to put them back in the box in the right place ...
And it is somewhat complicated ;-)

Jon Shiu
31-Oct-2011, 15:02
this is a useful site for different types of shutters:


31-Oct-2011, 18:51
Than you Jon, this is the best I've seen so far, seems different from mine, but it will help.
I've to devise the way to put the blades back in place at first...
This seems tricky.

31-Oct-2011, 18:59
Last time I had a Horseman/Seiko shutter apart I think I looked at this: http://www.cameramanuals.org/mamiya_pdf/mamiya_seiko_shutter.pdf

It that Mamiya document seemed closer than the Compur shutter manual.

The above is a link to Mike Butkus' site. Please support that site if you use that file.

Here is another complete explanation of the workings of a Seiko leaf shutter in a Bronica lens. There are some similarities to the Horseman/Seiko shutter.

13-Nov-2011, 23:08
Hi GeorgesGiralt,

I'm repairing my Kows SIX and need parts of #0 Seiko SLV shutter. Do you wanna sell it?