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Tim Povlick
30-Oct-2011, 17:44

How does one remove the glass from the rear cell of a Kodak Commercial 14" Ektar. I would like to clean the surfaces between the elements but can't see how to remove the glass from the cell. The cell is removed from the shutter and a small secondary ring is also removed. There is no obvious split where it comes apart - it's as if one pushes the lens out of the cell.

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30-Oct-2011, 18:42
:) TiM it is probably a good idea to carefully put everything back the way you found it and clean the the surfaces that are visible. The 14" EC is a Tessar and the rear is a cemented group of two elements. Oh, and striking the lens with a hammer, ever so gently of course will separate the elements but totally ruin your day not to mention the destruction of a perfectly good lens. I was given some excellent advice years ago, clean what you can carefully and leave everything else to those that know how.

Tim Povlick
30-Oct-2011, 19:14
Hi Steve,

Since it's a cemented element I shall take your advice and leave well enough alone. A test with 8x10 film shows good results with this lens

I'll chat with FocalPointLens (http://www.focalpointlens.com/fp_intro.html) about redoing the cement.

Thanks very much for your time and knowledge.

Best Regards,


31-Oct-2011, 00:04
Is the lens separating Tim? I have a 12" and there are a couple of small marks that cannot be cleaned but have no impact at all on the image quality. There are also at time small air bells in the glass but they are quite normal. To satisfy yourself take a shot at your normal working aperture of something with a lot of fine detail, if everything is ok and crisp and sharp leave it all alone. Shoot at about 15 feet and be very particular about focus. If it returns results comparable to another sharp lens you have then there is nothing to worry about. If there is some edge separation just remember to stop down past that.

Post an image of the perceived issue, it may be something others have encountered.

Tim Povlick
31-Oct-2011, 12:06
Hi Steve,

I am not sure if this is a separation or just the glue (Balsam?) needs redone. The glue is not yellowed and one can't see the elements edges as the glass is in the lens cell. When viewed just right in a very bright light or the sun, one can see what looks like small 'clouds' all over the lens. To capture an image of this would be difficult.

I'll give your suggestion a try as I have a very sharp Rodenstock at similar focal length. I tried the doublet lens only with a telescope eyepiece and the image didn't look that good, it seemed some chromatic abberation (CA). Not sure if this is a valid test as the front element may counter act the CA. A B&W negative taken with the lens looked to be fine but your suggestion to run the comparison test is good idea.

The front element is so clean / clear I am likely to have this repaired. FocalPointLens repair pricing was not to bad. May as well CLA the shutter and have 100% perfect lens.

Thanks and Best Regards,