View Full Version : A wide-wide lens for a 12x20?

John Kasaian
24-Sep-2003, 19:37
I came across(yeah, you know where!)an 8 1/4" f8 NuArc lens I got for $38. Its off a 14x18 NuArc process camera and I just had to see if it would work as a wide-wide lens for the 12x20 Folmer & Schwing. I am hoping it will cover, allow some movement, and perform well at infinity---thats my $38.00 bet, anyway. While I am waiting for the specially uniformed courier to deliver this little optical surprise, I thought I'd ask the experts if anyone has ever used this type of lens and if they might hazard a guess as to what I can expect coverage and performance-wise? Thanks for any and all info!

24-Sep-2003, 21:28

Although I have never used this particular lens I doubt very much that it will cover 12X20" at infinity. Process lens were designed to be used at close distances at magnifications up to 1:1, where the coverage is twice as much as it would be at infinity, and this lens was very likely used in this way on the 14X18 Nuarc Process Camera.

If on the other hand this lens does indeed cover 12X20" at infinity please let us know. I know a lot of 12X20" photographers who would love to get their hands on an 8 1/4" lens that covers this format for less than $40!!!

As far as I know the only 8 1/4" lens currently produced that will cover 12X20" is the 210mm Schneider SSXL, which is very large and goes for even bigger bucks.

Ralph Barker
25-Sep-2003, 16:05
I know nothing about the NuArc lens, John, but I suspect Sandy is on the right track with his thoughts of it being designed for coverage with longish extensions.

At worst, however, you might have a $38 lens for creating some of those nifty circular images in the middle of your 12x20 negs. ;-)

David G. Gagnon
25-Sep-2003, 17:25

I have that lens. Unless yours is a different version than mine, it won't cover. I've seen the edge of the image circle on my 8x10 'Dorff, not actually using it, but trying to see what it could cover. Maybe you'll get lucky and have a different version than mine. I know you definitely got it for a better price!

Hope it'll work for you.


John Kasaian
26-Sep-2003, 01:07
Oh well, if I can't warm up to those circular images I can always trade it in. Thanks for all the comments------------Cheers!

23-May-2009, 13:54
I have one of these lens and would be interested to know what it can be used for on a 4x5 rail camera. I have a Sinar P with Digial shutter, however, this lens does not seem to have a way to talk to the shutter, and there are no shutter speed adjustments on the lens. Also would be interested in what it is worth.

Steve M Hostetter
23-May-2009, 17:10
I picked up a 24x24" Levy process camera at an antique store in Ohio.. I kept the 14x17 Apochromatic Tessar series V111 Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. in barrel lens it had mounted.. The price was right, it was listed for $165.00 while I had the camera I managed to make a GG so I could see if the lens covered and yes it covered quite well

even came with a lens cap so I mounted it to a sinar board... All I need do now is shoot with it. The glass is perfect