View Full Version : Prontor Mechanical Shutter Timer

Michael Kadillak
24-Sep-2003, 19:28
I just acquired a Prontor mechanical shutter timer and am in need of some technical assistance. The device activates the plunger to a depth of 7/8 of an inch before the timer activites. However, all of my modern shutters require a plunger to travel a fraction of this distance to trip the cocked shutter. Without the convergence of these variables, this device is useless.

Is there a way to adjust the length of the plunger or is the remedy some sort of surgery to cut it to a lesser length to make it functional?

Thanks in advance.

Walter Glover
24-Sep-2003, 19:48

Mine is hidden away somewhere in the uncharted depths of my garage but I used to use it quite regularly. I forget where, but there is a knurled screw that is adjusted to get the synchronisation you are wondering about.

If I find my own, I'll be more precise in my instructions, but until then you'll need to fiddle with it. Once it works it is a wonder!

Ernest Purdum
24-Sep-2003, 20:56
At the end where it screws into the shutter, there are three knurled parts. The one closest to the body ofd the timer is a lock not. The middle one is the adjustment. If you send me your mailing address, I will send you a copy of the instructions.

Michael Kadillak
24-Sep-2003, 21:51
Based upon your response Ernest and playing around with it a bit, I found that the body of the timer screws out 3/4 of an inch + therefore adjusting the "throw" and the lock nut keeps it all in place. That is a lot of threads exposed, but by George, it works. And the nice thing is it has the flexibility to work with the Ilex #5. Thanks for the assistance.

Jean-Louis Llech
25-Sep-2003, 01:40
You just have to screw-unscrew the stem.
That lengthens or shortens the plunger release.