View Full Version : Deardorff serial numbers

Matthias Schneege
18-May-1999, 09:36
I own a 8x10" Deardorff, serial number 2958. Is anybody able to tell me when thi s camera was produced?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
18-May-1999, 11:19
According to Ken Hough, Deardorff mayven and repairman, serial numbers after 100 were made after 1949 and ended at 6503 in 1989. To narrow that down you may wanna call him at 219-464-7526.

Chad Jarvis
19-May-1999, 08:32
Ken Hough is, without a doubt, the man with all the Deardorff information. His email address is k4sb@niia.net. Put the word "Deardorff" in the subject; I believe he shares the account with other members of his family.