View Full Version : What is this odd Ground Glass? Use? Application?

29-Oct-2011, 18:03
Saw this on the auction site - credit to op

Odd looking Ground Glass - Does anyone know what it was used/designed for?


29-Oct-2011, 18:07
It looks like it's from the hippie era, possibly used to photograph a "love-in", maybe even a "be-in". :)

Nathan Potter
29-Oct-2011, 18:50
Hmmm, interesting. I'm guessing, but it might be a particle size counter. The 8 bins allow an observer to estimate the size of particles in the view then placed them in the correct bin for statistical analysis. Could also be used as a visual adjunct for percolation statistics.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Maris Rusis
30-Oct-2011, 15:13
It's a grain size comparator from a metallograph. I used to sell such things for the Reichert MeF2 inverted microscopes about 30 years ago.

30-Oct-2011, 15:16
Interesting. Thanks Maris...