View Full Version : A Calumet 400 and a Polaroid/Fuji back?

29-Oct-2011, 09:48
Once again, I am trying to get my Polaroid 405 back to work with my Calumet CC-400. I've just spent some time using it on a Toyo field camera, and I wish I could use it on the Calumet. It seems to be perhaps a quarter of an inch too thick to fit into the spring back of the Calumet.
After reading an older thread here, I contacted Jose Pueyo, the expert at Calumet. The thread had suggested using springs with the part numbers 105797 and 105798, however, after sending photos of my camera to Jose, he said that it had those springs already. Unfortunately, he had no firm suggestions, though he thought that washers under the spring to give a little more clearance might work. That would also require a longer screw to secure the spring.
Has anyone else had any successful experience with this problem? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, keeping in mind my limited knowledge here!


29-Oct-2011, 10:28
I've read about longer springs that do allow use of the Pola back.
Maybe Jose is wrong, if he's working from photos only.

On my shitbox B&J, I removed the lower springs to permit use of the Polaroid back.

Mike Anderson
29-Oct-2011, 10:38
Later versions (black ones) have a deeper bale and will take the pack film holders. Now I'm not positive that all black ones have the deeper bale, but if someone could confirm that they do you could just buy the cheapest black one you can find and transfer its GG/bale assembly to your camera (that's what I did). The 2nd camera would provide various knobs and screws and parts if you need them. Or just use the black camera as your main camera and use your existing camera for parts. Here's a black 22" version for $89:



29-Oct-2011, 11:01
you could just buy ebay #130560257615 10 Abbatron HHSMITH Nickel plated brass Standoff 4-40
then take off the springs put in 4 of the Standoff & put the springs you now can use the 405 back

Rick A
29-Oct-2011, 11:56
I have a cc-400 and cc-401, I used a Pola 405 back on both cameras before selling the back. Try stretching the springs a bit, IIRC mine was a very snug fit the first time I used it.

29-Oct-2011, 12:18
That's brilliant. I have to admit I didn't know what Jose meant when he said the screws holdng the springs were 4-40, but you certainly do! So I just use the standoffs as spacers below the springs? Do you know that that will be the right size, or are you going by my guess of a quarter of an inch (I'm not at all sure how exact that is)?

29-Oct-2011, 13:30
And generally, thanks for the quick, very helpful answers. I will try the $6 standoffs before the second body for $87, but they are all helpful and possible solutions. I'll be happy for any others, too.

29-Oct-2011, 17:13
I just tryed AND its not going to work!!!
NEED 3/16 to get my P back in BUT THE GROUND GLASS WONT TUCH
for you to focuss then I tryed just 1 nut under the springs SAMETHING

29-Oct-2011, 17:17
even if you changed the bale it would need larger springs TOO!!

30-Oct-2011, 18:58
I seem to remember that Calumet still sells a set of longer springs for the CC-400 series that is for just this purpose-to allow the ground class to get a little further away and allow a pack film back to fit. Check their website.

Lynn Jones
31-Oct-2011, 13:08
I can't imagine these not working, I was with the original Calumet from the early 106o's and have used the 400, 401, and still use the 402 (which I created).


Jon Shiu
31-Oct-2011, 13:48
Seems like a 26mm thickness should work fine with the long springs. Also note the bail lever has holes for two different pivot points, so can be reconfigured for more clearance.