View Full Version : Reflex finder for 4x5 Graflex/Graflok viewing hood

29-Oct-2011, 03:43
Hi all,
I'd like to know your opinion on the best mirror finder for a graflex/graflok back with viewing hood.
Never had one and I want to use it for composing and maybe for focus if it has enough magnifier.
Also I don't know about compatibility, Linhof, Toyo, Horseman or some of the chinese option on ebay, which one would fit without any problems?
There is something available with 2 or 2,5x for focusing?
Thanks for your suggestion.

29-Oct-2011, 10:50
hey Giorgio
the only one that any one ha told me would work is the
Polaroid MP-4 Reflex hood
And I don't see one on ebay