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tim atherton
23-Sep-2003, 17:39
Does anyone know the work of British photogpraher Jim Cooke? I just saw (online only) what looks like a potentially interesting book by him.

I couldn't find much else about him (or even if he shoots LF).


PS - we could possibly do with a category "Photogpraphers" ?

tim atherton
23-Sep-2003, 17:40
actually, the book blurb does say "view-camera"

Richard Fenner
24-Sep-2003, 01:33
There doesn't seem to be a lot on him. Assuming it's the same Jim Cooke, these might be helpful:







Some of these are one-liners, some are more detailed. The last two are particularly good.

Stephen Vaughan
24-Sep-2003, 04:43
Hi Tim, Jim Cooke is a British photographer. His book 'Re-placing Arcadia' is an amazing body of work. I saw his exhibition at Zelda Cheatle's gallery a while ago and bought the book yesterday. Shot on 10x8", at sites in Europe, it explores the beauty and splendour of places where the nature of the landscape has been shaped and re-shaped - by industry, occupation, infrastructure etc. He photographs these sites as reminders of a personal arcadia, from childhood memories of his hometown, Coventry. It is a very intelligent body of work. Highly recommended. Best wishes..............

John Downie
24-Sep-2003, 05:40
Try here...


12-Oct-2007, 11:30
Anyone have a copy of "Re-placing Arcadia" for sale? I'm also looking for Paul Graham books.

tim atherton
12-Oct-2007, 15:18
darn - I just sold A1: Great North Road

tim atherton
12-Oct-2007, 15:21