View Full Version : linhof parts or repair shop

masaru amano
23-Sep-2003, 09:22
I am looking for parts for Linhof technika III. I know that Linhof does not carry parts for technika III anymore so I am wondering if anybody knows rerpair shop or anybody who has parts.

Bob Salomon
23-Sep-2003, 09:27
Which parts?

Some current parts may be useable - a bellows, for instance. Others just have not been made in decades.

Peter Hamilton
23-Sep-2003, 10:51
If you need a good independent Linhof repair person in Britain, Bill Orford is very good.

masaru amano
23-Sep-2003, 12:35
I am actually looking for a small rail part that front lens part usually sits when the camera is closed. I know it is a specific one and I might have to get a junk linhof somewhere.

Mark Cudworth
23-Sep-2003, 13:59
If it is a simple metal part, S.K. Grimes may be able to fabricate one for you. http://www.skgrimes.com. I have a 5x7 Technika with some broken parts that I am considering sending to them.

george lottermoser
24-Sep-2003, 13:11
Have you tried Marflex?