View Full Version : Fraud--beware Shawn Cain aka @eBay "iwantstuff88"

Peter Collins
22-Sep-2003, 18:58
LF colleagues, please beware of any offerings from Shawn Cain of Washington state, working eBay as "iwantstuff88."

I was defrauded of $134 by this thief. He has a large number of negative feedbacks in the last few months, apparently because of repeated defrauding of bidders. He cashed my postal MO; he screens telephone calls with his answering machine, does not return calls and does not respond to email. An email address which he uses is "stuffhunter50@hotmail.com."

Yes, I was a naive eBay newbie and did not check feedback before bidding. Still trying to graduate from the School of Hard Knocks, but I keep failing some courses and have to repeat them, it seems!

Beware, and spread the word. Thank you. Ciao for now....

John Downie
22-Sep-2003, 20:19
He or she is no longer registered as an ebay user.

John Hollenberg
22-Sep-2003, 20:21
Have you taken the steps from their fraud prevention program?


If it hasn't been more than 90 days, you can get all but $25 back if you follow the proper procedures. Of course, I don't know in practice how much hassle is involved filing a claim.

Donald Miller
22-Sep-2003, 22:18
If he cashed a USPS money order and the transaction was conducted through the US mail then I would turn this over to the USPS authorities. I think that mail fraud is still a prosecutable offense.

neil poulsen
23-Sep-2003, 08:44
I've been swindled only once on ebay. While the feedback was good, it was of questionable numbers, especially as a seller. I bit, and he knew he had a sucker on the line! After that, it was, "We've had a death in the family, and I had to leave town in a hurry!" Etc.

Other than that, I've had many trouble-free EBay transactions. I always make sure there's lots of feedback, both as a seller and a buyer. And, unless there are hundreds, it better all be good.

I hope you can recover most of your money through the EBay insurance program. Good luck.

Joe Gusa
16-Dec-2003, 20:18
No need to worry about this individual anymore, he was arrested after being accused of stealing items from the auction house that I worked at with him. He had been missing for the last month or so until he was found last week. Many of the items stolen from the auction house were sold on eBay.

Aleasha Zumbar
21-Jan-2004, 10:00
Unfortunately Joe, he was not missing. He was busy conning my Husband and I into investing about $15,000.00 into another auction business he was starting with us. We count ourselves lucky to have found out about his lying, conning ways early in the game, or we could have lost alot more! His trial date is 1/22/04 in the Skagit County Superior Court. I, for one, will be there hoping beyond hope he finally gets the punishment he deserves!

12-Mar-2006, 14:05
Any info on the trial results, I'd like to know.

I bought some stuff from him on ebay back in early 2002 and got ripped off as well. I was also talking to an officer who was trying to get him back then. Karma gonna get ya!