View Full Version : Nikon 360mm f8/500mm f11 Nikkor T-ED

jan staller
26-Oct-2011, 10:33
Would consider buying the lens element for the 720 Focal length if I can use it on a Techika. Any thoughts? Any source for purchase?

26-Oct-2011, 10:48
Source? Ebay or the classifieds, maybe KEH. There was a 360/500 set on the classifieds a few weeks ago. Got my complete set from the classifieds about 2 months ago.

Make sure you have enough bellows draw for the 720. I think it takes somewhere around 500mm to get to infinity.

Jeff Keller
26-Oct-2011, 16:07
Good memory Bryan. Takes 469.2mm flange to film for the Nikkor 720.

If you are after a focal length over 500mm, consider the Fujinon-T 600/12 with a 384mm flange to back. It is also a heavy lens.

Jeff Keller

jan staller
26-Oct-2011, 18:29
I have the lens already and thought that having the 720 rear element assembly
would be a useful option and take up little space at the same time. So I would stick with the Nikon lens.

26-Oct-2011, 19:38
Oh I see. I guess the 720mm rear cell is hard to come across by itself. Good luck!