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Andrew Ito
22-Sep-2003, 17:21
I was in a local shop and saw a MINT Anba Ikeda wood field camera. I mean this thing was like new in the original box with all the original black & white paperwork that looked like it came straight out of the 50's or 60's or earlier. I was considering purchasing it to use myself, but it's in "collectors" condition and seems like it would be a waste to do any damage/wear to it. The camera is mahogany with gold metalwork. Does anyone know what the current value of a camera like this in collectors condition? Thanks in advance for all your input.

David A. Goldfarb
22-Sep-2003, 17:32
The Ikeda Anba is usually considered a budget-priced camera, not particularly collectible, but quite functional and very lightweight. If you like the camera for yourself, then buy it and use it! There are some notes on this camera at:


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22-Sep-2003, 17:42
The Ikeda is actually from the late 70s to mid-80s and is probably much more valuable as a user camera than a collectible. It is much lighter in weight than any currently produced 4X5" camera and should be very attractive to someone who wants to backpack with this format. (I assume this is a 4X5" model). The bellows draw is somewhat limited but adequate for most work.

As to what it is worth, if you could pick it up for less than $500 in like new condition I think that would be a bargain. There is a Nagaoka (which is the same camera as the Ikeda, or very close to the same) on ebay right now already going for that price, and the auction is not over.

I have had a 5X7 Nagaoka from this period and it has served me extremely well for nature photography that required a lot of hiking. One of the great attractions of these cameras is that for the weight and format there is just no competition.

Mark Erickson
22-Sep-2003, 17:52
A very clean Ikeda Anba recently sold on eBay along with a similarly clean 90mm f6.8 Angulon for $699. If you value the lens at $150 to $200, that puts the body at $500 to $550.

Ernest Purdum
22-Sep-2003, 20:57
The gold metalwork suggests that this is a relatively late version of the Ikeda Anba. Earlier ones (up to the middle "70's) were usually found in the 1/2-plate size, were triple extension, and had a turntable in the base. Were it not for the nameplate, and chrome rather than nickel or brass metal, you might think that you were looking at a British product from ca, 1905. At temples and other tourist sites, you would surely see at least one, usually mounted via an adapter to a modern tripod, very likely with a Congo lens, and a Japanese made roller-blind shutter on the front.

23-Sep-2003, 23:33
I have an Ikeda 5x7 and love it for it's low weight at 3.8 lbs and the images that come from it. I bought mine for $595.00. Good Luck!

Henning Wulff
24-Sep-2003, 00:17
I've had an Anba Ikeda since about 1978, and it has served me well on many hikes where I would not have carried any other 4x5. I carry it in a small fanny pack with a 58SA-XL, 90/8 Nikkor, 135W Fuji and 240 Apo-Ronar, 3 Graphmatics, filters, cloth, meter etc, and a #1 Gitzo. Weighs about the same as an F5 with a couple of zooms!

I paid $240Cdn for it new in the 70's. I've recently seen good ones for $500-600US. They are somewhat fragile, but are fine if you are carefull and don't need more than 30cm of extension.

One of the very good things about them is that due to the skinny body dimensions, I can use my 58 with some shifts without a recessed board. I mounted the 58 excentrically, and can make full use of its coverage.

Andrew Ito
24-Sep-2003, 13:39
Thanks for all of your replies. I was actually thinking of purchasing a Tachihara, but just stumbled upon the Anba Ikeda. The store is trying to get $465. for it which seems fair. As a user camera, I think I would probably prefer a Tachihara or a Shen Hao. Although the Anba Ikeda is very lightweight and compact, it seems somewhat shaky especially compared to my Ebony 23S.