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25-Oct-2011, 10:17
anyone got anything?

I have a nice mystery lens in a big compound shutter that doesn't have flash synch terminals

and I like to use flash

besides those HR solenoids that are on speed graphics..is there a way to post sync a shutter?

I did buy a Karart Flash Synchronizer deal.. basically a cable release with a a built in synchro deal

I think it's made for bulbs..but maybe I can eliminate the pre-shutter opening bulb run up time

but..if I can't... any suggestions?

25-Oct-2011, 11:09
I found a Doppel Anastigmat Symmar once where someone had added a flash sync to the old Rim-set Compur shutter. The idea is very simple- get yourself a X-sync terminal and solder tiny wires to each of the terminal posts. One wire should be connected to the metal shutter body. The other wire is setup so that it is normally connected to nothing, but when the shutter leafs are all the way open it is contacted, thus shorting the flash terminal contacts. This is easy in theory, hard in practice. The modified shutter I found didn't work very reliable for flash syncing and I eventually removed the modification because it caused other problems.

25-Oct-2011, 11:16
As Domaz says, but I'd recommend you open up a shutter first to see where the pro's have assembled the x-sync.

It's surprisingly simple how x-sync is added to most commercial shutters. Make sure you get it right first time or you'll be cursing. That, or get a sync'd shutter and swap.

26-Oct-2011, 12:15

I got the device to synch up at or near zero delay..

BUT..the throw (amount of tip sticking out of the cable release part) was not long enough to trip the shutter on the Wollensak #5 (I think) Regular shutter

(lens turns out to be a Woll Velostigmat series II 9.5" f4.5 no..no SF dial)

so..in trying to measure the length of something to stick in there as a 'lengthener'..I jabbed a toothpick that I had bit the pointy part off into the cylinder and now it's stuck


oh man..now I got to find a way in there to get it out

Jim Jones
4-Jan-2016, 18:16
Many decades ago when flash bulbs were just becoming popular, some photographers upgraded their non-synced shutters with a micro-switch that was contacted by the shutter cocking lever. This switch was often mounted on a lensboard, thus requiring no modification to the shutter.

Stephen Thomason
4-Jan-2016, 19:29
ditto the microswitch recommendation. You can get them with long throw arms. I mount them to packard shutters and time them to fire at full open. They work great.

Tin Can
4-Jan-2016, 19:42
I use these micro-switches. Almost free. https://www.pololu.com/product/1401

5-Jan-2016, 10:57
This might be amusing. It is a simple synchronizer that plugs into the shutter release socket.
I've used them and with careful adjustment, they work. (I did lengthen the actuator)