View Full Version : Film notch codes

Mike Evans
22-Sep-2003, 09:00
Iím tring to find a web site that shows the codes for identifing 4x5 sheet film

Don Sparks
22-Sep-2003, 09:32
Kodak film codes here: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/f3/f3.jhtml#54170

Angelo Micheletti
22-Sep-2003, 10:46
If nothing else works, Using the View Camera by Simmons has an entire chapter on film characteristics which includes the notch codes for BW and color films.

Brian Kennedy
22-Sep-2003, 11:40
At the risk of overloading this guy's server, a Google search led to this, with Agfa and Kodak notch codes: http://www.srv.net/~vail/notch.htm

QT Luong
22-Sep-2003, 14:37
For Fuji, I don't know if the specs are on the web, but I remember that you could request a free pocket guide to their films using a phone number listed on their website. It has the notch codes, and film characteritics such as spectral response.

Jan Pietrzak
22-Sep-2003, 18:15
If memory serves me well, Steve Simmons book on the View Camera had a listing of notch codes in the film section. I have seen a full list of codes of all the films dating back to (old) when I worked a the Huntington Library. I wish I had a copy now.

George Hart
23-Sep-2003, 00:38
The Ilford codes can be found in the PDF files for the relevant films, on their web site www.ilford.com.