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John Conway
24-Oct-2011, 17:09
I will be seeking a Ground Glass for my newly acquired Grover 8X10. Will any 8X10 ground glass fit any camera?

John NYC
24-Oct-2011, 17:30
I will be seeking a Ground Glass for my newly acquired Grover 8X10. Will any 8X10 ground glass fit any camera?

While some LF GGs are interchangeable (for instance on my Shen Hao 4x5 a Canham glass fit perfectly) I would guess that others are not, best to measure precisely before buying.

24-Oct-2011, 17:48
Here's a novel thought...Wood shrinks a bit after it is cut and milled.
Glass can be cut by hand. (erratic measurments) or machine (usually dead on, + - a few thou.) Combine all this and it may or not fit. If big take the sheet to a glass shop. they have a wet belt to round over the edge of cut glass. They can grind it to fit.
Now the big secret. Those little springs that hold the glass in place? Adjust them by bending so the tips just barely touch the glass with the screw seated. You do not want to put pressure points on the glass otherwise the glass may break.

John Conway
24-Oct-2011, 18:29
Thanks for the tips.

John NYC
24-Oct-2011, 20:25
And just for grins, I actually like the plexi ground glass that came with my Wehman 8x10 better than a real ground glass. You might ask Bruce if he will make you one of those (or refer you to someone who will). They are light and produce a very crisp image... and you can't really break them.

25-Oct-2011, 03:50
I've used this on my 8x10:

It's an ultra-thin GG/fresnel protected by a thicker sheet of clear plexi.
Bright and contrasty.

John Conway
25-Oct-2011, 15:06
The plexi idea sounds good. Ari, that there Yanke GG looks nice. I think that is the one I'm going with.

26-Oct-2011, 17:53
Hi John,

Surplus Shed has Eastman Kodak ground glass. The 8x10 is $12.00 & the 4x5 is $3.00 (or 10 for $25.00). I bought 1 of each & shipping was only $5.00. I don't think you can do any better than Eastman Kodak glass.

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8x10 >>> http://www.surplusshed.com/pages/item/l3965.html

4x5 >>> http://www.surplusshed.com/pages/item/l1034.html

>>> Jim

John Conway
26-Oct-2011, 18:10
Thanks for the recommendation for Surplus Shed. I am placing an order.

1-Nov-2011, 15:45
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>>> Jim

John Conway
3-Nov-2011, 15:47
Thanks again