View Full Version : 800mm Nikon Process Lens—What will it cover?

Drew Bedo
24-Oct-2011, 13:18
A camera shop here in Houston has an 800 mm Nikon Process lens for sale at just under $300. What will it cover?

E. von Hoegh
24-Oct-2011, 13:23
About 45 degrees.

25-Oct-2011, 13:06
I don't have an 800mm, but I do have a 600mm Nikon process lens. It will cover 11x14 when focused at infinity with plenty of movement. I can't find the limits of coverage with my Seneca view camera.

Dan Fromm
25-Oct-2011, 13:56
Drew, are you sure it is 800 mm? I ask because I have old (includes tessar types) and newer (doesn't) Apo-Nikkor catalogs. Focal lengths in them run 750/9 (tessar), 760/11 (dialyte), 890/11 (dialyte), 900/9 (tessar). In that range of focal lengths Nikon claims 37 degrees for the tessars and 42 degrees for the dialytes.

If you visit the lens, please let us know whether it really is an 800. If it is, please tell us which flavor it is. If there's a gap in my list I'd like to fill it.



Drew Bedo
26-Oct-2011, 11:02
I have held the lens in my hands . . . .marveled at its size (5-6 inch dia) didn't check out the groups/elements etc. It is definatly a process lens, not a made-for-large format lens. A barrel lens with no shutter . . .stops down to—well way-down.The front lenscap is hinged to flip open-closed. Comes with a flange.

Sorry, If I get over there again (Camera co-Op) I'll check it out more carefully.

Armin Seeholzer
26-Oct-2011, 13:00
Dan can you tell me is the APO Nikkor 610mm f9 a dialyte or a Tessar?

Cheers Armin

Dan Fromm
26-Oct-2011, 13:28
Dialyte, Armin. The 600/9 is a Tessar.

On second thought, here's the list:

Summary of Apo-Nikkors' characteristics
f (mm) max aperture type coverage mount weight (g)

150 f/9 tessar 45º 53x0.75 175
180 f/9 dialyte 46º 53x0.75 210
210 f/9 tessar 45º 53x0.75 185
240 f/9 dialyte 46º 53x0.75 220
300 f/9 tessar 41º 53x0.75 240
305 f/9 dialyte 46º 72x1 430
360 f/9 dialyte 46º 72x1 470
420 f/9 dialyte 46º 90x1 780
450 f/9 tessar 37º 72x1 550
455 f/9 dialyte 46º 90x1 810
480 f/9 dialyte 46º 90x1 860
600 f/9 tessar 37º 90x1 775
610 f/9 dialyte 46º 110x1 1,450
750 f/9 tessar 37º 110x1 2,015
760 f/11 dialyte 42º 110x1 1,360
890 f/11 dialyte 42º 162x1.5 3,600
900 f/9 tessar 37º 140x1.5 3,570
1,070 f/12.5 1,600
1,200 f/9 tessar 37º 213x1.5 8,385
1,210 f/12.5 dialyte 40º 162x1.5 3,800
1,780 f/14 dialyte 36º 213x1.5 6,430
1,800 f/14 tessar 35º 20' 213x1.5 8,860

Armin Seeholzer
26-Oct-2011, 14:36
Thanks Dan!