View Full Version : 5x4 to RB 67 adapter

24-Oct-2011, 13:17

Anyone tried, seen, know about these?
I have 4 RB 67 backs and 2 graflok back cameras so could be cool?

24-Oct-2011, 15:01
I have one some what like this
they just used a 23 graflok back on a peace of metal
But its set up Vertical

24-Oct-2011, 15:26
Mamiya RB magazines have a 6x9 Graflok attachment. 4x5" to 6x9 Graflok reducing adapters aren't that odd or exotic, but this is a new all metal affair. On the other hand, a regular 6x9 reducing back has the full 6x9 area and could be used with a 6x9 springed ground glass and sheet holders - this thing is crippled by a hard 6x7 mask and no good for 6x9 holders and magazines.

And unless you use a press/field camera with rangefinder I'd strongly recommend a slide-under roll film magazine for 4x5. GG view with a Graflok attached magazine is tediously slow and cumbersome, you'll have to swap between the magazine (with attached adapter, in this case) and a GG back for each and every exposure/view cycle.

Other than the description claims, it will NOT fit RZ67 magazines (there is a RB magazine adapter for the RZ, so the author might be unaware that there are incompatible native RZ magazines).

erie patsellis
24-Oct-2011, 15:54
To match my RB lens mount to Toyo (now Sinar) adapter, I build a back that is essentially a revolving back with the interlock hardware removed attached to a plate that replaces the back on my camera. Disassemble a junk back and epoxy a piece of ground glass to the rails, add two small screws to actuate the darkslide interlocks and you have something a little easier to use (and a lot more inexpensive)