View Full Version : HP5+ in DD-X for N+1, etc.

Sidney Cammeresi
21-Sep-2003, 22:12
I'm shortly going to try developing some Ilford HP5+ in DD-X, both of which are new to me, and I'm finding very little information on what to expect with this combination. I presume I'll get something very close to the rated speed since this is the "official" developer for this film, but given the times listed for pushing, I suspect that my usual method for computing times for N+1, etc. development will give times that are too long. Can anyone give me a hint as to what to expect here?

(Yes, yes, I will be a good little boy and run my tests, but I'm trying to not waste any more film than I have to.)

Chet Kwapisinski
21-Sep-2003, 22:40

Here is what I do with my 8x10 with HP5+ and DDX:

My method is to use tube processing BTZS) with constant agitation.

At 70 F with a 1:5 dilution of DDX ~ 8 minutes. At 70 F with a 1:6 dilution of DDX ~ 9 minutes.

The above assumes a normal scene ( a subject brightness range of 7 stops) and 400 asa.

Works well for me.


Walter Glover
22-Sep-2003, 01:06

I use a Jobo Expert drum rotation speed 3 for 8x10 HP5+ and like Chet I use the brew at 1+5 and 70 (another BTZS advocate as you might have guessed). My times differ from Chet's. On a zone system scale of 'N' numbers my time for N+1 (EI 400) is 15:25. N (EI 320) = 9:35 and N-1 (EI 250) = 5:05

This give me negs that contact print on silver bromide paper with about Grade 2.5 filtration.

Just last night I souped some identical negs in DDX and Acutol (FX-14) -tray developed, gentle agitation - to compare acutance. I'll updat you once I've printed the little blighters.