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23-Oct-2011, 12:28
Hi there, googled the poop out of these questions and can't can't answers without me having more questions. Hoping a visual aid in addition to some large format veterans will end in a huge success.

I want to use a newer hot shoe flash. I'm Not sure if I'll only be able to use a cold shoe though? As I understand the kodak flash supermatic should have a #2 on it to access the 'X' with allows for a PC connection? As the images show, the only #2 is behind the bayonet (RED G) So maybe the shutter isn't a #2 but the bayonet is?

Now if I could find an 'X'.. the little nob (RED C) that moves between the M and F only movies half way down. Is it stuck? I'm not sure.

Also there is a button at the top of the shutter (RED E) that seems like it should do something. But it doesn't.

Also I'm missing a screw topper. (RED B). Do these two screw toppers do anything?

Also the small lever (RED D) only moves halfway up in it's slot that takes up the edge of the shutter from 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock. It moves the nob from RED F to RED C, but not visa versa. But moving RED C to RED F moves the small lever (RED D) back down to the 3 o'clock position.

So to recap I'm trying to figure out what kind of shutter this, flash supermatic 1 2, or 3. Will I be able to use a hotshoe or a coldshoe? Does the button up top do anything? Is there an 'X' hidden if (RED F) is able to move all the way down? Is the lever (RED D) able to move the entire way to the 1 o'clock position?

I think I covered everything that I'm stuck on right now. Any help would be superb.

Sirius Glass
23-Oct-2011, 14:17
First, it sound like your lens needs a CLA,

G is a flash synchronizer.

See attached for instructions.

Paul Fitzgerald
23-Oct-2011, 14:45
That is a Kodak #2 Flash Supermatic shutter.

your B is a bi-post connector, you are missing one of the studs. You will also need a bi-post to pc adapter to use a modern electronic flash

your C and D are only used with flash bulbs, the shutter should X synch naturally for modern flash units.

a CLA never hurts and they may replace your missing stud while they are at it.

Have fun with it.

Robbie Bedell
23-Oct-2011, 16:52
The button on top is to hold the shutter open to focus or compose on any shutter speed. To use it, choose your shutter speed, cock the shutter and then fire the shutter while holding down the button. The lens should stay open. Then, when you want to close it, just re-cock the shutter. The shutter will then close. If this does not work it really needs to be cleaned...Do not cock the shutter and then change the shutter speed.

5-Nov-2011, 16:32
Absolutely wonderful. Looking into the pc-adapter. Curious of what the initials CLA stand for, the shutters close and are ton time. I was gifted with a great camera it seems.

I've got s few more questions and the few wonderful people as erring my first questions leads me to the thought that these wonderful people are some intelligent and passionate individuals. Thank you and please give me your opinions.

The cameras only flaw if it is one is the view eye piece on top. (I have the pieces) the back end isn't attached, small circle and a single screw. The body also has a kalart synchronized range finder. It seems like it works but I don't know 100% but am about to read up on them.

Sowhat does CLA stand for? A good Cleaning?

5-Nov-2011, 16:55
So what does CLA stand for? A good Cleaning?

Clean, Lubricate, and Adjust. Or, as you say... a good cleaning!

Jim Jones
5-Nov-2011, 19:28
You have an older Flash Supermatic shutter that is synchronized for class F and class M flashbulbs, but not for electronic flash. The later Supermatic (X) model is synchronized for electronic flash only. Unless the shutter has been modified, when Red C is set to reveal F in the window, the flash contacts close 5 milliseconds before the shutter opens. In the M position, the contacts close about 20ms before the shutter opens. In either case, they would trigger an electronic flash before the shutter opens. It's been many years since I've had to explore the insides of the older Flash Supermatic shutters, but as I recall, modifying the sync contacts for electronic flash operation is simple.

10-Dec-2011, 04:29
Hi there!
does somebody have the supermatic shutter repair manual? would it be possible to get a copy?
Thanks in advance,