View Full Version : RRS camera plate for Linhof Technorama 612?

Henry Carter
22-Oct-2011, 12:56
Has anyone figured out which Really Right Stuff camera plate best fits the Linhof Technorama 612 while still allowing the back to be removed? (The B24 plate is too wide and partly covers the release mechanism).

Many thanks!

Bob Salomon
22-Oct-2011, 13:47
Novoflex has several Arca compatible plates that will work, including their new slim plates. Most will be at the show at Javits in NYC next week in booth 152 if you will be there. Since other companies who have Arca type plates will also be there, Giottos for one, you could bring the camera to see which works best for you and your QR or quick munt system.
The new Linhof Quicfix II system will also be there.