View Full Version : Shortest lens on a Technika without dropping the bed?

20-Sep-2003, 13:29
What's the shortest focal length lens (without the WA focussing attachment) that can be used on a Technika IV without dropping the bed (and showing the end of the bed in vertical orientation at infinity focus)? TIA

Bob Salomon
20-Sep-2003, 14:15
Possibly the 90 with full front rise. Otherwise a 110/120/135.

Brian Ellis
20-Sep-2003, 15:28
I used to use my 90mm lens in horizontal format without the bed showing up. I did that fairly often and I don't recall needing to use front rise to keep the bed out of the picture. In vertical format the bed will show up with the 90 unless it's dropped.

David A. Goldfarb
20-Sep-2003, 16:36
A 90mm/6.8 Angulon requires dropping the bed, but a 90/8.0 Super Angulon doesn't.

Richard Boulware
20-Sep-2003, 19:14
I use my 75mm Zeiss Biogon without droping the bed on my V. Works like a champ. I do have to flip the camera over for verticals. No big deal... Movents are miniman however, although some ARE possible. Been there done that. Richard Boulware & Associates, L.L.C. Denver.

Marc Alberts
26-Sep-2003, 11:40
I'd probably say you'd be safest saying a 110, simply because a 90 with any rear movements on the Technika IV will put you into the territory where you'll need to drop the bed.

If you're not doing movements, though, the information David Goldfarb provided is accurate in my experience.