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21-Oct-2011, 18:52
Hi all,
I'm completely and utterly new to LF so please excuse my limited understanding. A friend recently gifted to me what I believe to be the body of a Calumet SC sans lens or ground glass. It has a lens board with a hole bored and I can tell there has been a lens on it by the wear. I've been also reading up on LF lenses and the copal shutter size system and how all that works and I think I have a good grasp on that.

My confusion is the size of the hole and what shutter size this board was drilled for as it doesn't appear to be any of the standard copal sizes. It measures exactly 44.68mm (1.759") with my calipers. It's a Cambo lens board if that makes any difference.

I don't have any lenses yet so I was sort of making my lens buying decision based on (price and) the size of this hole if I can figure it out. I'm kind of thinking it might be better to just get a new lens board but they're a bit pricey considering the other parts I need to get. Any suggestions?

21-Oct-2011, 19:00
The hole is a "generous" Copal 1 size.

Look into finding a 210 Schneider Symmar-S MC. They are easily found, affordable, and will fit your lensboard. Lensboards for that camera, if you opt to get lens in another size shutter often can be found for $30 or below.

21-Oct-2011, 19:09
Great, thanks for the answer! I read that 210mm was considered the 'standard' LF range so I had already settled on that, I just didn't know what brands would be good starters - your suggestion is warmly received.

Thanks again!