View Full Version : How do you pronounce Scheimpflug?

20-Sep-2003, 09:16
I know I'm wrong but I've always said something like shem-floog. Reciently I heard a european say something like Shemu with more silent letters than phenetic. Does any one have a reasonable idea of pronounciation?

John Downie
20-Sep-2003, 09:38
Try here:


I say SHIME floog

Bjorn Nilsson
20-Sep-2003, 09:42
In splitting it up I'd suggest you put together these words and letter:
chime p fluke
with a somewhat silent p in the middle.
But I recon that some german reader have an even better suggestion. :-)

Steve Gangi
20-Sep-2003, 10:00
It should be pronounced "shime flook"

20-Sep-2003, 10:41
T-I-L-T or S-W-I-N-G depending... :)

Paul Chaplo
20-Sep-2003, 12:04
... enough shlime flinging already ;-)

Chad Jarvis
20-Sep-2003, 12:56

Ralph Barker
20-Sep-2003, 15:18
In German, the pronunciation of ei-ie combinations is determined by the last letter, so "ei" is pronounced like a "long" i - like eye. The "pf" combination is a little tougher. Essentially, you form the p with your lips, but don't actually pronounce it before transitioning to the f sound. A trailing g is pronounced so short that it sounds more like a k. In most circles, not too much criticism would befall either "shime floog" or "shime flook" though.

Steve Feldman
20-Sep-2003, 17:07

It's one of those words that can't be pronounced.

Sames goes for Diagurrotype. Or Daguroughtype. Or Degirowtipe.

You get the idea.


Tom Keenan
20-Sep-2003, 21:01
My goal is be an accomplished large format photographer without ever saying that word.

21-Sep-2003, 06:45
I suggest you do not even try.

I was once the victim of a serious tomato sauce incident whist participating in a photographic techniques conversation during a spaghetti lunch when the person sitting opposite me tried to pronounce *that* word (I still can't even type it without horrendous flash-backs) with a mouth full of spaghetti bolognaise.

As least he paid my drycleaning and therapy bills....


Alan Davenport
21-Sep-2003, 18:16
Does any one have a reasonable idea of pronounciation?

It's pronounced exactly the same as "bokeh." IOW, it's a term you just shouldn't use in polite company.

Michael Heinrich
22-Sep-2003, 04:24
Theodor Scheimpflug würde sich im Grabe drehen, Please don`t try to pronounce it like a German, in the spanish language all foreign words are pronounced like spanish ones, its the better way... ´ßaimpflu:k is the correct pronounciation of the Duden (the ß like the american sh)