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tim atherton
19-Sep-2003, 23:13
Anyone making chocolate polaroids (8x10)?

Any advice on film speed for the combo? development techniques times? etc

Any and all advice welcomed!

John Bailey
20-Sep-2003, 08:24
Dear Tim

Maybe you can call Polaroid tech support, or Tracy Storer (check www.mammothcamera.com) or John Ritter who are the gurus of chocolate! I do not fully recall, but I believe they have about the same times. Obviously since you are using expensive materials and have to buy both b&w and color, I understand that experimentation is costly, but as you know temp and freshness of the Polaroid film are also factors about results so there may not be absolute 'rules'.

What have been your results to date?



John Bailey
20-Sep-2003, 08:31

In checking some of Tracy's other posts on this forum (glad the forum kept all the old stuff-thank you!) he talked about 'Chocolate'. Look at this thread:


Hope that is helpful as well.



Tracy Storer
20-Sep-2003, 08:44
Hi guys, John, I responded to your post at Photo.net. Tim, I usually do this in 20x24 using a 400 speed pod, your results will vary some depending on whether you use 804 or 803. (the 809 neg is asa 80, and nothings really going to change that too far)Try starting in the ASA 25-50 range, it's hard to pin down an ASA since the combination is not panchromatic. Subject color and lighting type will affect apparent film speed.

Tracy Storer
20-Sep-2003, 08:46
John, My bad, that was Johnathan BREWERS question I answered.

Jonathan Brewer
20-Sep-2003, 11:17
Yes, thank you.