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alex from holland
20-Oct-2011, 03:39
I totally forgot this lens. Bought it more than a year ago :confused:
It's a petval with a focal lenght of about 12 inch
Can anyone tell me the age of this lens ??



Alex Timmermans

20-Oct-2011, 04:07

Quite early


Steven Tribe
20-Oct-2011, 04:22
This serial no. and "und Braunschweig" shows that there must be something wrong in Vade Mecum as they suggest "und Braunschweig" start around 4,000! And they give the date for the production start at Braunschweig as 1852 after their application for a production facility in "Germany" in 1849. Prochnow gives the production start in Baunschweig as 1852 as well - showing a serial number 4891!
Could they have been using as earlier unused number? Or used a different number series for the sleeveless Petzvals?
The engraving style looks more like a 1850's objective than a 1840 similar.

alex from holland
20-Oct-2011, 05:03
Thanks Guys,

well, it's not a sleeveless petzval. Does that indicates something ?

Steven Tribe
20-Oct-2011, 05:38
Using up unused serial numbers in the early 1850's, I would guess. Or a classic case of the engraver loosing his concentration. Voigtländer gave a whole batch of serial numbers to the USA organisation at one stage and these appear on late lenses (designs that were introduced well after the serial number "date") for many years.

alex from holland
20-Oct-2011, 05:47
or, it is really one of the first lenses ??

Steven Tribe
20-Oct-2011, 07:23
My guess would be 1852 or plus some years. Apart from the und Braunschweig, the engraving style is definitely different from the very early types (see ilustration). I don't know whether the change to more heavier engraving was made at the same time as the Braunschweig start-up - but seems quite plausible.
At least 3 sources point to around 4,000 and 1852 as the Germany factory addition.

Voigtländer on their website history say that they established the Braunschweig branch in 1862(!).

alex from holland
20-Oct-2011, 08:04
Thanks Steven,

really appreciated.
Just great !!
so it will be close if it's my oldest lens.....


20-Oct-2011, 12:06
I like how Voigtlander filled their engravings with a very robust black material. Pretty tough stuff to last 165 years so far!