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ronald lamarsh
19-Sep-2003, 17:51
Does anyone know if it will coverf 5x7?

Michael Kadillak
19-Sep-2003, 18:58
This lens is listed as having 203mm of coverage and as a result, it will be tight, but will probably will cover with little room for movements. While this lens would be great for 4x5, the 150mm offering of this series would be a much better choice for 5x7.


Stewart Ethier
19-Sep-2003, 21:08
I use it on 4x5 and can get about 40mm of front rise. That should help to answer the question you asked.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
19-Sep-2003, 21:41
As mentioned stopped down to f/22 or so, it will just cover 5x7. This is pretty much the case with all 135mm lenses available today. Only the Kodak Wide Field Ektar will cover with some movement.

tim atherton
19-Sep-2003, 22:57
Fujinon W or NW (single coated 46mm filteer or EBC/Multi coated 52mm filter)?

Fujinon W is supposed to be 228mm coverage - so a bit of wriggle room for 5x7

Fujinon NW is supposed to be 206mm so maybe/barely

(some Fuji figures seem to vary depending on which brochure you read...can't find mine right now)


tim atherton
19-Sep-2003, 23:00
or CM-W (67mm filter) 214mm coverage