View Full Version : ULF on Ebay

John Downie
19-Sep-2003, 14:06
Can this be right? 3' x 3'? The Artar does look rather small on the front.


N Dhananjay
19-Sep-2003, 15:06
Looks like a process camera - hand cranks at the back etc. Heavy stuff, quite impractical for carting around anywhere but maybe some enterprising work could scavenge stuff from it for a more practical ULF camera. Cheers, DJ

Ernest Purdum
19-Sep-2003, 15:14
The camera may have an overall back size of 3' X 3', but the 19" Artar that comes with it is a narrow angle lens, good for 8" X 10" at infinity, but not much more. Process cameras like this one were intended to be used at very close distances, at which coverage is much greater. At 1:1 reproduction ratio, the bellows would be out to twice focal length and the lens would indeed be into the ULF coverage range, sometrhing over 16" X 20".

Tracy Storer
19-Sep-2003, 18:07
The camera looks like an old wooden Robertson? The "Douthitt" refers to the aftermarket magnification/aperture chart with a pointer that clamps onto the lens.' aperture ring. I thought about emailing for groundglass dimensions, but.....NAH.