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Louis Jensen
19-Sep-2003, 08:37
I have a single coated 150mm Fujinon W f6.3 lens that is used for black and white photography. If I take color negatives with this lens, what have I lost in image quality, as compared to using a newer multi-coated lens?

Thanks, Louis Jensen

Guy Tal
19-Sep-2003, 09:07
I have used this same lens for much of my color work and never had a problem. I also found it excellent for close-up work (better in fact than the Nikkor 150/5.6 I replaced it with).

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Ernest Purdum
19-Sep-2003, 09:09
Multi-coating has advantages similar to those of single coating, but you gain more going from no coating to single coating than from single to multi coating.

If your lens was multi-coated there would be less chance of flare and in some instances contrast might be noticeably higher.

Your present lens is just as suitable for shooting color negative film as black and white.

Dan Fromm
22-Sep-2003, 10:51
Will someone explain where the widely held belief that multicoating is essential for color work arose? My uncoated 101/4.5 Ektar says it is a delusion, and my more modern single-coated lenses concur.

I've seen one hint of the belief's source, in reports that Boyer started coating their enlarging lenses (single-, not multi-, coating) at the same time they recomputed the lenses to reduce chromatic aberration. Can't, though, see what that news has to do with other manufacturers' taking lenses.



Arne Croell
22-Sep-2003, 11:17
One reason for the belief that coating was essential for color work may be that people thought that in b/w, reduced image contrast by flare could be counteracted by using contrastier papers or increasing development time ( a closer look shows of course that is not entirely true), whereas this was not possible for color processes. Just my guess....