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18-Oct-2011, 19:04
I just got my Radeka pin registration system in the mail today. It appears from the instructions that I tape the holder frame to my enlarger with two sided tape. Has anybody come up with any better methods than this for attaching their own holder frame?

I have a D5500 chassis with a Dichroic II head.

18-Oct-2011, 20:24
I don't have that enlarger. Some designs have enough weight to hold the registration carrier (cassette) in place by friction.

However, I would use black masking tape on the sides to help it hold still and eliminate any light leaks.

I would hesitate to use double sided tape because that could be a real bear to disassemble if you ever want to use a regular carrier. It is an excellent carrier though, even if not masking.

I used about a mile of black masking taped for my 8x10 carrier on a Beseler conversion which works well but is a bit ugly.

I am in a chronically beginning stage with masking, but I think I am gaining some momentum, at least in my mind. 4x5 masks are much easier than 8x10, mostly because of the size and space issues in my darkroom.

Good luck with masking!

Drew Wiley
19-Oct-2011, 15:18
There must be a way to machine a permanent mtg bracket using phenolic or aluminum.
I'm not familiar with the exact spec of the unit you puchased, but double-faced tape
sounds downright Medieval to me.

Dennis McNutt
31-Oct-2011, 22:02
I have used two-sided tape to attach a pin registered negative carrier to my enlarger. Works very well.

To be able to remove it easily, just be sure to wrap a piece of plain paper over one end of the double sided tape. Or you can make sure one end of the tape extends outside the enlarger so you can grab it for removal.

31-Oct-2011, 22:21
I have to confess I have never tried the stuff, but 3M makes a double sticky that comes away cleanly if you grab the edge of the tape and pull sideways:


1-Nov-2011, 17:45
Should work with that enlarger but best to ask. The 4x5 size seems more universal because it is basically a thicker negative carrier so as long as you have some wiggle room where the negative holder inserts you can insert the carrier cartridge and it stays there more or less permanently while or insert and remove the glass masking carrier/masking easel.

14-Nov-2011, 11:03
Hi Sean
We have metal easels sitting on the bases of our enlargers. We bought magnets (about 1/2" thick and about 1/2" diameter) and set the magnets against all corners/edges of anything that needs stabilizing. You can get a package of them from Canadian Tire for a couple of dollars.